Create a Comfortable Guest Room With These 4 Quick Decorating Tips

October 10, 2017

Our Raleigh home addition contractors recommend using your recent add on or renovation as an opportunity to create a wonderful and comfortable guest room space.

Nothing could be better for your traveling friends or family to have their own wonderful place to sleep in. With just a few simple decorating and design tips, you can turn your new extra space into something truly special and in an affordable way.

Comfortable Bed Is Necessary

Nothing is better for a weary traveler than a comfortable bed. Consider spending more of your money on a great mattress. New, clean sheets, blankets, and bedding will add an extra special touch.

Provide Entertainment Items

Consider entertainment extras like a television or stereo to play music. Also a telephone and internet access would also be ideal. This will give your guest an opportunity to spend some time alone in their room to relax or do some work. If you have the space, a desk is always a good idea.

Keep Simple Essentials Available

Things like an alarm clock, a chair, an empty drawer or room in the closet for hanging clothes is important. These simple extras will make them feel relaxed and at home.

Stick With The Basics

You don’t want to overdo it with tons of knick-knacks and things hanging on the wall. Less is always more, and a nice clean, simple room with very little decoration is usually more calm and relaxing.

You have tons of options to turn your newly renovated space into something really amazing for very little cost. Give our home remodeling contractors in Raleigh a call today to schedule a complimentary estimate for your guest room addition.