Kill Airborne Pathogens in Your Home – Intrepid Comfort Solutions, Inc

May 5, 2020

Did you know there is a simple way to kill airborne pathogens, like viruses & bacteria, in your home that requires little effort on your behalf, & that has been in regular use for many years? UV Lights have been installed in homes, hospitals & clean rooms for a very long time to inhibit these kinds of pathogens.

Right now, there is 1 particular virus/pathogen that concerns us all. A UV light in your home can help you and your family stay healthy by sterilizing these very viruses.

Viruses do not reproduce on their own, but do have inherent genetic material (DNA/RNA). They reproduce by injecting their DNA in host cells that is then passed on to more cells each time the cell divides. Exposure to UV light of the proper wavelength has been proven to be very effective at rendering viruses sterile. It does this by scrabbling their DNA, destroying their ability to be reproduced. You probably know that the sun produces UV light. Those of us who have had the misfortune to experience a sunburn and had our skin peel, have a very good idea of how UV light kills viruses.

Right now, some hospitals are using robots equipped with UV Lights to disinfect hospital rooms and even to disinfect face masks. If you have ever been in a restaurant or butcher shop and noticed what looked like a shielded black light high on the wall, you have seen a UV light doing its job.

How can a UV light disinfect your home? Generally, UV lights are installed inside HVAC equipment or duct systems in homes. They disinfect the air that these systems circulate through your home by killing (rendering sterile) airborne pathogens as they pass by the UV light. This method keeps family and pets shielded from direct exposure, since that is not really good for us.

UV lights can also provide other added benefits. They can limit biological growth like mold or mildew in your HVAC equipment when it is exposed directly to the UV light but more importantly, they also sterilize spores as they pass through the duct system.

Research shows that UV lights are also helpful in breaking down Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in your home. These potentially hazardous chemical compounds are broken down by the UV light resulting in a cleaner, fresher and healthier indoor environments.

If you are interested in potentially installing UV light in your home or have questions about doing so, most HVAC contracts should be able ot help you. If you do not have a trusted HVAC professional that you can reach out, I invite you to reach out to us at Intrepid Comfort Solutions, Inc at 919-662-8040.

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