Q&A With a Current Customer

March 14, 2019


Thank you for allowing me to do a Q & A with you so that you can be featured in our first monthly Blue Ribbon Blue Prints newsletter. In answering all of these questions, please keep in mind that I am referring to the construction phase of your project, specifically, the demo of the kitchen and install of the new cabinets in a similar footprint.

Here are the provided questions:

  1. Would you say your initial expectations and the finished product were in line? If not, how so? My initial expectations and ideas ended up right in line with the finished product. I had gathered magazine pictures and saved images from Pinterest that showed different things I wanted in the kitchen (like the details on the island). John Devlin uploaded all of my inspiration photos and incorporated them into the design renderings on Co-Construct. When he showed us the first design images, we were able to tweak them here and there to come up with exactly what we wanted.
  2. Did you utilize the Co-Construct app regularly? Do you feel it made a difference in the ease of communication with Blue Ribbon? I did login to Co-Construct online a few times a week to the Job Log to read your very helpful comments about what trades were coming and when, when things were being delivered, and if there were any changes. In regards to the Messages section, I think it is very effective to be able to send messages back and forth through Co-Construct so there is a record of everything we talked about – all in one place. Whenever I sent you or John a message, you always got back to me within an hour. I also looked through the Specs & Selections section when I had forgotten about any of the details that had been decided at the beginning. One thing I enjoyed seeing was the 360 degree photos that you periodically uploaded onto the Overview page.
  3. What advice would you give homeowners who are preparing for their own home renovation project? Do you feel Blue Ribbon prepared you well for the project? If so, how? If not, what could have been done differently? In preparing for a home renovation, I would advise anyone to read through the information provided by Blue Ribbon and to take it seriously. Think about the things you use and do every day, and have a temporary solution or substitute for the duration of the renovation. John Devlin prepped us well for what to expect. He walked around with me and made suggestions on how to create a living situation for during the reno. We took every bit of furniture, pictures, artwork out of the reno zone, and it made everyone’s life easier – we didn’t have to get in the way while looking for something, and it gave everyone working more room to do their jobs. We also set up what I call my “camp kitchen” with our fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and hot water pot all on top of our kitchen table – which we moved into the formal living room area. If you have pets, have a plan for what you will do with them during the work day. There are lots of loud noises and it’s helpful if your pets have a quiet place away from the demo. Also, Blue Ribbon is impressive with how clean they keep the worksite, but there will still be the odd piece of plastic or drywall that some pets might eat. Baby gates are helpful to keep them out.
  4. Overall, what can you share about the construction phase of your home renovation? If you could change any part of your project, what would it be and why? The construction phase of the renovation was stressful and exciting. It’s stressful in that Max and Chevy are putting in long days, and it can be chaotic. But it’s also very exciting because you start to see what the finished project is going to be like. I don’t think I would change anything about our kitchen reno – it looks fantastic! I have been pulling neighbors off the street to come in and look at it.
  5. As your Project Manager is there anything I could have done differently to assist you during the process? Chevy, I couldn’t have asked for a better project manager. You were here almost every day, and I appreciate how you talk to all of the trade guys before they start, to make sure everyone is on the same page. As a very particular, detail-oriented person, I also appreciate that you never batted an eye when I asked for a small change here or there. It’s how you handle the glitches that sets you apart from other renovations I’ve been a part of. You show a pride of ownership for the project at hand, and I always had the sense that you wouldn’t walk away until everything was not just done, but done well.
  6. How would you rate Blue Ribbon overall (on an A to F scale – A being the best)? Would you recommend Blue Ribbon to others? I would definitely give Blue Ribbon an A plus. I have already started recommending you. I’m planning to have an open house so everyone on my street can come and see how it looks!


In closing, I want to share that you were wonderful to work with. Our process works much more efficiently when our homeowners are open and honest throughout. It also allows me to be more effective in my process. I’m excited to see the finished project! Your kitchen looks wonderful and I, personally, am a fan of the inset cabinet design. Please feel free to share any additional insight that may be beneficial to The Blue Ribbon Team and those who will read our newsletter. Thank you for being willing to participate and share your thoughts!


Chevy Beale

Project Manager